4. Paradise - Outside San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. March 2013.

  5. This jacket has got some stories…

  6. Ripping in the tunnels under Guanajato.

  7. See you there this weekend. My fourth year going, always a good time. 

  8. Mona Diamond modeling on my 1968 Triumph TR6 I’ve just finished building for The One Moto show coming up this week. I bought this bike as a pile of junk for $700 a few years ago, and have slowly collected parts and put it together. 

    Ceriani 35mm Front End

    8” TLS Triumph front brake laced to a 21” Buchanan’s Rim

    Custom Exhaust, Sissy Bar, Fender Mounts, Fork Stops - Fabricated by Peter Williamson

    Front axle turned by Keddie Brown

    Paint by Myk Rock

    Engine + tranmission ground up rebuilt from the sludge trap with all new bearings, seals, + 0.80 pistons, rings, fresh hone, head redone by Robbie at Alec’s Automotive

    Hand built tail light by James Crowe - Crowe Metal Co. / West America

    A hell of a lot of help from my friend - Dean Wadella

  9. Rommy took this one a while ago at The Shop. I wrapped up my time as co-owner there last week and am moving forward to getting back in working on bikes and taking photos. More new stuff to come.


    The Shop Vancouver, Chinatown.

  10. Deck rips.